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Our 36th Anniversary Campaign

Being our 36th year we’ve come up with a great way for people to support our work in an affordable way. For our 36th year, we're asking people to donate £36 - paying just £3 a month for the next 12 months to Off Centre.

If we can get 1000 people giving £3 a month in Off Centre’s 36th Year – then we will raise £36,000. This would be fantastic and would mean we could make some much needed investment in the facilities.  We have a comprehensive wish list of needed areas of investment. Just to mention a few things we need:

  • New roof and conversion to usable space
  • Remodelling of top floor to number 27 to provide for a larger group space
  • New staircase to number 27
  • New carpeting throughout
  • New cooker
  • New Case Management system
  • A smart board for training
  • New furniture

1000 people may sound like a lot, but if we have 6 people who ask another 6 people, and these ask another 6 people and those 6 ask just one last lot of 6 people then we’ve more than done it.  That would be 1296 people, and we'd be able to make a big dent in the improvements we so desperately need.

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