Working together to address gang violence

On May 22nd 2013 over 80 professionals working to address gang involvement and its impact on young people and communities in Hackney got together to share their thoughts and to start to think about ways of collaborating to build better services.

We wanted young people's voices to inform the discussion in accordance with our deeply held belief that young people are the experts when it comes to their own lives. To inform the discussion Off Centre carried out a consultation exercise with 80 young people in Hackney and a number of professional agencies and organisations whose work brings them into contact with young people in gangs. Partners to the conference and major contributors to the report included City & Hackney Mind, Arsenal in the Community, Hackney Integrated Gangs Unit and Mediorite.

This report "Tackling gang violence: Listing to the experts" summarises the findings of the consultation and Off Centre's response and plans for future service development. It is very much a service improvement report but we recognise that Off Centre alone cannot meet evry young person's needs and we are not the only organisation that young people turn to for help. For this reason we make our findings available to anyone that wants to make use of them on the proviso that you acknowledge Off Centre and seek our permission if you wish to reproduce and distribute the report in any format.

Conference findings and how those agencies and organisations present aim to respond to the challenge of addressing gang involvement will be available here soon. Check back regularly for details.

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