Position: Assistant Director, Support.

At Off Centre since: 2006

What do you like the most at Off Centre?

The difference we make to young people’s lives, the way that the service is young people centred and listen to what young people want.  The team here is also great – I enjoy working with them.

Name one quality (trait of character) you think is the most important for your job

Loving a challenge!  I’m Aries so I’m quite stubborn, practical and a bit of a problem solver.  It comes in useful in my role as director of a small (getting to medium!) Charity.  Unlike larger organisations where you would have heads of department for different things – HR, Finance, Legal, IT, Facilities etc I have to oversee all these different areas.  Nobody would hold in their head the answer to everything straight off but I’m able to work it out in the end!

What do you do to relax when you feel stress?

Talk to my partner, my family and friends, go out.  If things have been really full on I try and get to the sea – It seems to instantly relax me.

What’s your most treasured object?

My sense of humour – I know you said object but I’m not into material things – I wouldn’t care if they all went in a fire tomorrow – as long as I could laugh about it in the end.

What’s your favourite word?

Caniption – is it a word even?  I hope it is and I hope you’re not having a caniption reading this!

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