Information for Social Care Professionals & Trainees

Off Centre provides training and supervision services for individuals working with young people. You can tap into our knowledge and experience to help boost your career or supplement your learning in social care or services.

We also take Referrals from professionals working with young people in Hackney.


Off Centre has over 35 years experience of developing and delivering training packages for professionals working with young people. Training packages are based on psychotherapeutic and psychosocial concepts of support for young people and we tailor the package to organisational needs.

Our off-the-shelf packages include:

  • Supporting young people to understand strong emotions such as anger, rage,  apathy, etc within the context of promoting greater autonomy and resilience
  • Bereavement work with young people
  • Themes relating to Identity, inclusive of race, gender, disability, sexuality, and culture
  • Circles of support for young people affected by domestic violence
  • Multi-disciplinary models to safeguarding young people affected by Crime
  • Supporting staff working young people who use self harm to manage their emotions
  • Supporting survivors of sexual abuse
  • Supporting carers / parents of young people that have voluntary sector or statutory service involved in their lives.

All our trainers/facilitators are qualified practitioners with at least five years experience of supporting young people within Inner city contexts.

For further information please contact the Services director to discuss your training needs.


Off Centre has a team of qualified and registered / accredited Counsellors, Art Therapists and Dramatherapists who have undertaken post qualifying training to Diploma Level in Counsellor Supervision. As such we are able to offer:

  • One-to-one supervision
  • Group supervision [up to four members per group]
  • Critical incident debriefing for staff

Our supervision service is available to individuals and organisations.

For further details and fees please contact the Services Director to discuss and clarify the type and level of service we are able to offer.


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