For every £1 we receive, we generate almost £5.30 in community benefits

In 2012, with support from the Third Sector Research Council we commissioned a report looking into the social return created by Off Centre. Social return is a measurement of the value created by an organisation from each pound invested.

We commissioned the University of Bristol to carry out a Social Return on Investment (SROI). SROI is a widely accepted methodology for putting a value on social good ie the difference we make in the lives of the young people who use our services. The research involved widespread stakeholder analysis and examination of service outputs and outcomes.

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The result of the research gave a value of £5.29. For every £1 invested in Off Centre, there is a social reurn of £5.29

The concluding result of the research conducted by the University of Bristol is that "there is substantial social value in the operation of Off Centre as indicated by the strong SROI ratio. With the demand far exceeding the target and a large proportion discharged in the past year, it represents that Off Centre clearly have an efficacious business model and one that can only become more effective through further commissioning.

You would assume that further funding would allow for a reduction in the pipeline, with more individuals being treated as well as geographical out-reach improving, with Off Centre able to deliver to the wider community."

To download a copy of the full report click here


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