Right 2B Safe

Are you a young woman aged 13 – 18?
Do you want to feel better about your relationships with others?

If so the Right 2B Safe project is for you...

The Right 2B Safe project can help young women who experience difficulties at school or at home to feel safer and happier in their families and friendships.

We provide information and support on how professionals can help young women who experience emotional and mental health difficulties.

Group work
We provide group interventions, where members can share thoughts and feelings, support each other and learn from sharing their experiences.

One-to-one counselling
Counselling provides a safe space where you can talk about your thoughts and emotions without feeling judged. In the counselling relationship you can work on building emotional resilience, greater confidence and self acceptance.

It's a safe, non judgemental space for young women to share their thoughts and feelings and rebuild their assertiveness, resilience and confidence.

Get in touch
For more information please contact Katerina or Laurent on or alternatively use the contact form on our contact us page here

More about Right 2B Safe
Right 2B Safe is a national project, led by Youth Access and funded by the Department for Education. For more information click here
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