Youth Alcohol Service (YAS)

Are you worried about your drinking or is drinking getting in the way of your life?

Free counselling available for young people aged 18-25 

Most young people drink alcohol because it helps when it comes to things like socialising, relaxing and having a good time. It can also help ease any worries and pressures.

When alcohol is used to cope with everyday life, stress, anxiety or depression, the drink itself can become a problem.

If you need a drink to help you cope with everyday life, you may have or may be developing an alcohol problem. You do not need to be addicted to alcohol to have a problem. If you catch the problem early you can prevent addiction.

Who the service is for?

  • Young people who are worried about their drinking
  • People who want advice, information and guidance about safe drinking
  • People who are feeling nagged about their drinking
  • People who enjoy a drink and want to do it responsibly

If you think you have a problem related to your drinking, you can talk to someone inconfidence. Talking to someone can make a difference

Getting help

You may want to…

  • stop drinking
  • cut down your drinking
  • control your drinking
  • or you may not know what you want to do

At Off Centre we recognise that every individual is unique and you will be treated as such.

How counselling works

Counselling works by building a talking relationship with the counsellor in which you can explore difficulties and find better ways of coping than using alcohol. The service is confidential and will help you think about the best solution for you.  

To find out more contact  Monday to Thursday between 9am-5pm on

Alternatively contact Off Centre to arrange an appointment

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